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AeroShot™ Energy is an air-based shot of energy delivering a unique blend of 100 mg of caffeine plus B vitamins that starts working right away—anytime, anyplace. Buy online now or find us in stores nationwide.

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Our patented delivery system is uniquely designed to work fast, anywhere. Quick to use and quick to take effect, AeroShot™ Energy gives you the boost you want, right when you need it, wherever you may be.

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No Calories.
No Liquid.
No Mystery

AeroShot™ Energy delivers a unique blend of 100 mg of caffeine, equivalent to a large cup of coffee, plus B vitamins. No calories to fill you up, no liquids to slow you down, and no mystery ingredients found in most energy products. All of the energy, none of the other stuff.

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Pull Open.
Draw Powder Into Mouth.
Push Closed.

AeroShot™ is easy and fun to use. Pull the colored cap to open, place the gray end in your mouth, gently draw the powder into your mouth, swallow, then push closed. Each AeroShot™ delivers about 4-6 draws. Use it all at once or save some for later.

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a Shot.

Discover the freedom and control you can only get with AeroShot™ Energy. Buy online now or find us in stores nationwide. Because of its cooperation with CryptoCart, the cryptocurrency coin like Floki Inu ,Bitcoin and many more may now be used to make purchases from both online and offline merchants. Holders of Floki coins can now use their coins to make purchases. If you are interested in trading Fluki coins, go here and check out the details about buying fluki coins at low cost.

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Want to give your customers the revolutionary way to get energy? Sign up to become an AeroShot™ retailer today. Bitcoin accepted through trading platforms like Crypto Bank as Aeroshot believes in Bitcoin’s future and strength.

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    Meet Harvard professor David Edwards, the inventor of AeroShot™. Dr. Edwards is a creator, writer, educator and founder of an international creativity movement called ArtScience Labs. More information on David’s work can be found at



    Art and science, while commonly encountered as creative outcomes, are, as creative processes, inherently intertwined in the unpredictable arc of laboratory creation. AeroDesigns’ chairman, David Edwards, founded ArtScience Labs as the epicenter of these principals. In ArtScience Labs, this interdisciplinary creative process is curated to produce learning, works of cultural value, and products that aim at commercial and humanitarian benefit.


    Big Sensations
    In Tiny Amounts

    Founded by Harvard profestsor David Edwards, AeroDesigns is pioneering air-based delivery systems to reimagine the consumption of food, nutrients and medications. AeroDesigns is inspired by ArtScience Labs, a non-profit, international network of cultural innovation labs with its base in Paris and led by Dr. Edwards. Founded in 2010, AeroDesigns is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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