What is it?

AeroShot™ Energy is a revolutionary way to get your energy. It’s an air-based shot of energy delivering 100mg of caffeine plus B vitamins to the mouth for ingestion that starts working right away—anytime, anyplace. The energy of the future is here.

How do I use it?

AeroShot is easy to use. Pull the cap to open, put the other end in your mouth, gently draw the powder into your mouth and swallow. When you’ve had enough, remove the AeroShot from your mouth and push the cap closed. Each AeroShot delivers about 4-6 draws. 

How many uses do you get out of one AeroShot?

You can use one AeroShot about 4-6 times. Using it until it is empty gives you the full amount of energy and B vitamins per the label. Use it all at once or use some now and save the rest for later.

Who uses it? Who is it for?

AeroShot is for anyone who needs energy, like athletes or any of us passing long hours in the office or car.

Why should I use AeroShot?

AeroShot’s patented delivery system is designed to work fast anywhere. There are several benefits to AeroShot Energy when used in accordance with the label. It’s safe, healthy, and contains no calories to fill you up, no liquids to slow you down, and unlike most energy products, there are no mystery ingredients. It’s small, light, and unlike liquids it can truly go anywhere. No matter where you’re going, AeroShot is ready.

I like coffee. Why would I switch?

AeroShot isn’t about switching away from coffee; don’t worry, we’re not asking you to give up what some call “The Elixir of Life.” However, as a great new addition to your daily routine, AeroShot can be used in a variety of settings where liquids cannot go, such as when you board an airplane or get into the car for a long drive. It’s easy to take AeroShot with you when you go biking, skiing, curling, or any other activity that consumes energy. And because it does not involve drinking and is digested soon after it is swallowed, AeroShot doesn’t stain your teeth like coffee can.


Who created AeroShot Energy?

David Edwards, the inventor of AeroShot, is a creator, writer, and professor at Harvard University. He also leads an international creativity movement called ArtScience Labs. More information on David’s creative work can be found at www.davidideas.com.

Where did it come from? Some big company?

AeroShot is the first product from AeroDesigns, Inc. We’re not a big company—yet. It all started with a bet. One afternoon outside of Bordeaux, David Edwards was enjoying lunch at the restaurant of Chef Thierry Marx. Thierry sat down and discussed the opening of David’s cultural center in Paris, Le Laboratoire. While exploring a collaborative experiment, David, a pioneer of aerosol insulin and vaccines delivery, asked Thierry if there might be more interesting ways to deliver food and nutrients. Thierry was intrigued. David developed the concept with Harvard students and they first unveiled Le Whif chocolate in early 2008.

So what is AeroDesigns?

Founded by Harvard professor David Edwards, AeroDesigns, Inc. is pioneering the design of nutritional systems that deliver empowering sensations with the smallest possible quantities of nutrition – via the air. Our combination of innovative technology and world-class design targets major global markets to reimagine the consumption of food, nutrients and medications and empower healthy lives. AeroDesigns is inspired by ArtScience Labs, a non-profit, international network of cultural innovation labs with its base in Paris and led by Dr. Edwards.  Founded in 2009, AeroDesigns is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Then what is ArtScience Labs?

ArtScience Labs is a network of three small creative labs founded and managed by David Edwards in the USA and France.  At ArtScience Labs, cultural experiments at frontiers of science with leading artists, designers, engineers, scientists and students produce works of art and design that are exhibited in educational, cultural, and commercial galleries.  The innovative ideas expressed by these works frequently evolve through experimentation inside ArtScience Labs and within partner and ArtScience Labs Inspired organizations.

What other projects are in the works?

AeroShot’s unique delivery system can be used to delivery a variety of powders into the mouth onto the tongue for ingestion, including some vitamins and supplements. We’re currently working on a wide range of product extensions and will keep the AeroShot community informed of our developments.

Who are the leaders of the company?

David Edwards, a creator, writer, and professor at Harvard University, invented AeroShot. British entrepreneur Tom Hadfield is our Chief Executive Officer.

Are there any potential medical applications for the container of this product? What projects are in the works?

AeroShot’s delivery system can deliver a variety of powders, including some vitamins and supplements to the mouth for ingestion. We’re currently working on a wide range of product extensions. Rest assured we’ll keep the AeroShot community informed of our developments. In the meantime, use AeroShot only as manufactured and in accordance with its label.


Where can I buy AeroShot?

AeroShot is available for US customers via www.aeroshots.com and for international customers via www.labstoreparis.com. You’ll also find AeroShot in thousands of retailers across the United States. We’ve added a store locator to our website to pinpoint specific retail locations in those cities.

What about other cities?

If you’d like to see AeroShot at your local store, let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise, if you can’t find AeroShot in your local store, stay tuned and order online with free shipping in the meantime.

How much does it cost?

AeroShot’s suggested retail price is $2.99.

Who is AeroShot intended for?

AeroShot is not recommended for people who may be sensitive to caffeine, including persons under 18, or who are allergic to ragweed, pregnant or nursing, taking medication, or have any medical condition. The product is not intended for use with alcohol.


What is the nutritional content?

AeroShot contains a mix of caffeine, B vitamins, sweeteners, and other ingredients: natural lime flavor, citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate. It does not contain the mystery chemicals found in some other energy products. Note: AeroShot may contain traces of soy and wheat.

How much caffeine is in one AeroShot?

Each AeroShot contains 100 mg of caffeine—about the same amount contained in a large cup of coffee. How much you get at a time depends on how strongly you draw in, just as with a drink it depends on how big of a gulp you take. As an estimate, we say each time you draw AeroShot powder into your mouth and onto your tongue and swallow you get approximately 15-25 mg of caffeine.

Are there any calories?

AeroShot contains zero calories.

Why does it taste so bitter?

AeroShot can taste bitter because of caffeine, which is naturally bitter. We added some sweetener to take the edge off, but left some “bite” to keep things interesting.

Is this safe?

AeroShot Energy complies with all FDA dietary supplement regulations. When used in accordance with its label, AeroShot provides a safe amount of caffeine and B vitamins for ingestion. Caffeine has been proven to offer a variety of potential benefits for healthy individuals when consumed in moderation, from providing energy to enhancing attention and focus.

Has the FDA reviewed AeroShot Energy?

Yes. While the FDA does not generally review dietary supplements pre-launch, in Spring 2012 the FDA conducted a post-launch review of certain safety and labeling issues of AeroShot Energy. During the review, AeroDesigns provided the FDA with safety data and new product labeling. On June 29, 2012, the FDA sent AeroDesigns a letter, which stated “The scientific information you provided, together with your labeling changes, addresses these concerns in a satisfactory manner.” AeroDesigns wants you to know that when used in accordance with the labeling, AeroShot is a safe energy dietary supplement that complies with the FDA’s dietary supplement requirements.


Will the powder go into my lungs?

AeroShot does not enter the lungs due to the large size of the particles that make up AeroShot’s powder. The powder in AeroShot reaches your mouth where it is swallowed and ingested.

How do I know it’s being ingested via my mouth into the digestive tract?

Decades of research have shown that particles above 10 microns in size do not penetrate the respiratory tract. Our powders are of a median size considerably larger than 10 microns, and therefore—as confirmed via independent laboratory studies—cannot enter the lungs. AeroShot is a powder that falls out of the air into your mouth, not your lungs, and then you swallow and ingest the powder.

What does it mean if I cough?

Simply draw in more gently. If you draw into your mouth too hard particles will land at the back of your mouth and your reflex will be to cough. If you cough, you then have a signal that you should draw in less forcefully next time.

Does caffeine absorb into my bloodstream with this product differently than it does from a standard energy drink?

Clinical studies have shown that caffeine absorbs into the bloodstream at the same rate via the AeroShot as it does following the drinking of a popular energy drink. If there is a speed benefit to the AeroShot it is in its portability and the quickness with which you can pull it out of your pocket and use it.

Should certain age groups limit their consumption or abstain from using AeroShot?

People have different sensitivity to caffeine, and of course the daily consumption of AeroShot should conform to a person’s reasonable intake of caffeine. In general, children are more sensitive to caffeine than adults. This is why we do not recommend the AeroShot to caffeine-sensitive individuals, including children.

Can you put any other substance or powder in the chamber?

No, you cannot. AeroShot is specifically designed to break if someone tries to open and refill it.

A bit of powder spilled out. Is there something wrong?

Just like a soda can, if you tip it over, some of the product may spill out. However, when closed, no powder will come out of the device.

How do I know when it’s finished?

It’s finished when no more powder comes out.

Is there a limit to the number of AeroShots I can use each day?

The product should only be used consistent with its labeling. Use the same responsibility as you would with any dietary supplement or other product containing caffeine. We recommend that you do not consume more than three AeroShots per day.

Why does the packaging say I should not use this product if I am allergic to ragweed?

We include a cautionary statement because one of the sweeteners used (stevia) may cause sensitivity in those allergic to ragweed. With that said, our product is safe for the majority of individuals, even those with occasional allergies. Not everyone who is allergic to ragweed will be allergic to stevia, but we want to let everyone know about the potential for cross allergies If you have any unexpected reaction or side effect, contact your medical provider immediately. If you experience any side effects, we encourage you to inform us immediately via at [email protected] or 1-800-616-2014.

What if I’m pregnant, have heart conditions, allergies, etc.?

As with any dietary supplement or source of caffeine, check with your doctor before using AeroShot if you have any specific health conditions or concerns.

If I am sensitive to coffee, soda, and the effects of other caffeine products can I use AeroShot?

Bottom line: If you are sensitive to any other caffeine products, you should not use AeroShot.

If you have additional questions that we have not answered above, please email us at [email protected]